Previously I did research into the physics of black holes.

At a younger age I studied various musical instruments - piano and tuba were the more important of those together with some basic singing experience.

I learnt didgeridoo basics in early 1994 at an exhibition of artwork from Beswick where David Blanasi was present with his instruments (mago) and generously gave a short lesson for attendees.

Some years later - 2004 - seeking to understand the rich evocative sound of the yidaki as heard on the various albums of Yothu Yindi I travelled to Arnhem Land for a master class with Yolngu master Djalu Gurruwiwi.

Since 1995 I have played as a soloist and with various bands and also as a session musician mostly in Italy, where I currently reside, and at various european festivals.

In 2009 I uncovered the medusa in some corner of the collective imagination and have been developing it in various directions since then. The Medusa and various derivatives - hydra, tendril, produce didgeridoo-like sounds with the possibility of modifying the tone and timbre and are particularly suitable for electronic manipulation.

The latest evolution of the medusa is so different that it has its own name. It belongs to the family of pobblebonks.