Medusa and crazy experiments with tubes

The medusa is a new musical instrument. Its discovery and development over the years has been sporadically reported on the blog in the category "opendidge". The medusa has undergone a variety of metamorphoses since it was first uncovered years ago and is probably still not in its mature form.

The medusa was born from the desire to have an amplified didgeridoo-like instrument that can be played live on stage, without the usual feedback problems that come with the microphone in front of the bell solution. Its evolution is stored in great detail in my notebooks and every now and then something has escaped to appear on the blog. The essence of the solution is a mouthpiece with an in built microphone and various holes to which tubes and other sound modifying appendages can be added.

The medusa is to the lips what the human body is to the vocal chords. As the human vocal cavity can be modified by muscles, the medusa can be modified by appendages with varying geometry together with electro-acoustic feedback.