Hard Tongue Didgeridoo

M Mununngurr

This cd is the best currently available for anyone interested in learning the elements of traditional Arnhem Land didge playing. The teacher is M Mununggur, who was arguably the best young Yolngu yirdaki player. Contrary to all traditional cd's discussed in these pages (including those by Djalu) this is the only cd that explicitly explains technique and does it in a way that clearly reveals the simpler aspects of Yolngu yirdaki Playing.

This cd should be studied systematically, without rushing. The sounds produced in the Yolngu playing style are considerably different to that which the average western didgeridoo player is accustomed.

The basic sounds that are carefully explained in this cd are building blocks of the Yolngu yidaki playing. Of course this does not mean that one can only use these techniques to reproduce or imitate traditional pieces, but rather that one can use these techniques as a part of ones repertoire.

Hardtongue produced by Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre.
Translation of CD booklet into other languages.

Alcuni mp3 dal CD
Milkay Introduce il CD (207k)
Exercise 2, track 10 dith-dhu fast (90k)
Exercise 4, track 18 dhirrl-lo slow (100k)
Exercise 9, track38 dup-pu dhirrl dhirrl fast (76k)
The End Result jamming with the techniques (166k)