Mago Masterclass

Darryl Dikarrna with White Cockatoo

Magocd A well produced cd very useful for anyone who wants to learn something about the Gunborg playing style of Western Arnhem Land. The cd is presented in a professional manner with explanations in the Kununjku language and in English. The way in which the soudns and rhythms are created is explaied carefully. There are also explanations of the way in which the mago rhythm fits into the rhythm of the clapsticks and the singing. The cd consists mainly of explanation and examples of mago playing by Darryl Dikarrna Brown, grandson of the Master of Gunborg style - David Blanasi. Today in fact the Darryl has inherited the place of Gunborg master from his grandfather.

Interesting also the exercises in which first one hears a piece sung with Darryl playing the didge accompaniement after which one hears just the singing and clapsticks of the White Cockatoo group but with an empty Mago track leaving space for the student to play along and memorise the mago part for some simple songs.

There is also the recital of a story about the origins of mago and something of the common elements between the mago and the Yolngu story about the origins of yidaki.