Jeremy Cloake

An interesting cd, released at the beginning of 2005, in which there is a strong influence from traditional playing. In fact after the cd Resonance together with Kenneth Sands and released in 1999 Jeremy spent the following years working in the yidaki sales department of Buku-Larnggay Mulka centre in Yirrkala in the extreme corner of North-east Arnhem Land. His evolution as a player is strongly influenced by the time spent there and this is clear on this recording. In particular one notices the strongly accented rhythms and the clear control over the didge sound and rhythm. jeremy_transformation

For anyone interested in the possibilities for fusion of traditional playing with western musical traditions this cd makes for interesting listening. There are several rhythmic groupings that also make for interesting challenges for didge players interested in extending their rhythmic flexibility.

For the major part, the music on this cd is fast paced with techno/tribal inspired rhythms. There are a couple of slow (though not quite meditative) pieces in which one can hear clearly Jeremy's masterful control and which provide some good practice ideas for the intermediate player.

Jeremy with this cd shows us clearly the benefits of an immersion into the traditional Yolngu playing and has provided us with some interesting listening material and challenging playing exercises.

Overall powerful playing with sounds that range from Techno to Jazz to ambient to pure traditional. jeremy_transformation_inside