Djalu Plays and Teaches Yidaki

Volume 2

djalu2cd Although this cd Predates the Hard Tongue cd of Milkayngu it should be studied after mastering the exercises presented by Milkayngu.

lt presents a series of song cycles or manikay as they are called by Yolngu. Each song in the cycle corresponds to an event or series of events in a story. On this cd you will first hear the story recited by Djalu in Yolngu and then in English by his sister Dhangal. After this the yirdaki rhythm is sung and then played. As already explained in the review of Milkay's cd, and in detail in the liner notes and on the cd, the mouth sounds function as a sort of codification of the actual notes played. The codification used on this cd is basically the same as that of Milkayngu.

The cd has a high cultural value in the presentation of the song cycles. Another important feature of the presentation on this cd is the alternation between Djalu and his son Larry in the singing and playing. In the first part of the cd it is Larry who sings the yidaki rhythm and then Djalu who plays it. Half way through the cd they alternate and Djalu sings after which Larry then plays. From the didactic point of view this is very useful as one can compare the two playing styles and the way in which the rhythms are interpreted in the two styles; that of the younger generation represented by Larry and that of the older generation represented by Djalu.