Djalu Plays and Teaches Yidaki

Volume 1

djalu1cd Probably the first didactic cd dedicated to Traditional Playing, presented by the Grand Arnhem Yidaki Master, Djalu Gurruwiwi. I am presenting after the two more recent didactic cd's "Hard Tongue Didgeridoo" and "Djalu Teaches vol.II" as it presents a yidaki lesson in an aboriginal context not simplified for western ears. On this cd a lesson between father and son is presented as material to listen to and to imitate. With the basic understanding that comes from a mastery of the "Hard Tongue Didgeridoo" lessons and then the more structured presentation of "Djalu Teaches vol.2" the student is ready for the more challenging lessons presented here.

On this cd Djalu introduces the pieces and sings the rhythms and articulation before playing the pieces. In various cases we hear both Djalu and his son Winiwini singing the same piece and sometimes also playing the same piece. In this way we can hear the different playing styles even though the actual techniques being used are the same.

Another interesting part of the cd is the 10 pieces or so played by Barry, Djalu's nephew. He plays in a much faster, modern style preferred by the younger Yolngu.

The most important part of the cd however is in the middle where Djalu sings and plays a collection of pieces. It is very educational and beautiful to listen to Djalu's mastery and power when playing the yidaki.